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Online Shopping in Pakistan

E-commerce made its way to Pakistan around 18 years back and since then this industry has continued to grow and expand.
E-commerce serves as an umbrella term and incorporates multiple sectors within it. Some examples of these sectors include:
1. Retail
Retail business refers to online sale of consumables and physical goods. These can be further divided into segments which include brands and market places.
An online market place is like a virtual shopping mall where products from different brands are available for sale. In contrast, online brand stores only offer products that are manufactured by the brand itself, same as Ignite is offering Men’s ClothingWomen Clothing, & Kids Wear.
2. Classified
Classified cover a wide range of services which include human resource and real estate. Platforms which offer these services have managed to carve out a good niche for themselves.
In the past 5 years, online shopping in Pakistan has undergone drastic changes. Major funding by large players has helped this sector grow. This has subsequently had an impact on the overall economy as well.
Previously this trend was just limited to urban cities however, that too has changed in the last couple of years and the rural segment of Pakistan too is now slowly turning towards online payments.

Online Shopping Stores in Pakistan

Ignite Wardrobe is an online fashion store based in Pakistan. We offer a reliable and hassle-free shopping experience to customers and place utmost focus on offering a unique shopping experience.
Online shopping stores in Pakistan have undergone a lot of changes over the years. Furthermore, the number of people who shop online have increased drastically over the years. We at Ignite have the tools to cater to all of these customers.
In order to do so, we focus on aspects like reliability, originality, trust and agility. We have an extensive collection clothing (inculding Denim Jeans for menCasual Shirts of men and women & lot more) which is unparalleled in terms of quality. All of these products are 100% original.
It doesn’t matter where you live in Pakistan, we will deliver our products at your footsteps. We strictly follow international quality standards of customer service and product delivery in order to ensure that the product reaches you on time and in pristine condition. Customers have the option of paying cash on delivery.
Some people still have doubts regarding the benefits of online shopping. They feel that it’s better to first touch the product and assess it before purchasing it.
In order to counter that argument, we have an exchange policy in place. In case you don’t feel satisfied with the product or if it has any kind of defects you can send it back to us for a refund or an exchange.

Advantage of Online Shopping

There are multiple benefits of shopping online. For starters, you wouldn’t have to worry about driving all the way to the store to purchase clothes. Everything you need is available online.
In addition to that, Ignite Fashion stays up to date with latest fashion trends. We are well equipped to meet your fashion needs. You also have a lot more options available when you are shopping online.

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