9 Ways to Wear Men’s Chinos

Today the Chino is an essential item of clothing for millions across the globe. Its popularity has seen it become a permanent fixture on our busy high streets. You can now find the Chino in almost every store in a number of styles, cuts and colours and in a variety of prices. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where you are going right and wrong. Worry not, we have got you covered.

What are chinos?

Chinos, by definition, are a cotton twill fabric, typically khaki coloured. That doesn’t mean they have to be khaki coloured, don’t worry. Chino’s are one of the most versatile fashion pieces in your wardrobe. Take a look at this guide to the humble chino and how you can wear them anywhere.
Design and Fit

Before we really get into the depth of different styles of chinos for men, check out this video which gives you a quick overview of how they should be fitting. Ok, Ready? There are three basic cuts to pick from; Wide Leg, Slim Fit and Straight Leg. Here are the details to help you narrow it down.
Slim Fit

Tight enough to flatter but loose enough to move around in, the slim fit chino is perfect for the active man who wants to maintain a high level of style. Often used in junction with a blazer, slim fit chinos are the perfect suit trouser replacement.

Another reason to pick the slim fit option is that it enables you to avoid cuffing but still allows you to create a gap between chino and shoe. Slim fit chinos are also cunningly deceptive. The slender look creates the impression of increased height. Perfect for the shorter gentleman looking for a few extra inches.

Straight Leg

Straight leg is the best of both worlds, it is where the wide leg and the slim fit meet. Men with a lot of leg muscle tend to avoid the slim fit but lament the fact that they miss out on the sleek look offered.

This is where the straight leg comes in, as it bridges the gap between the wide leg and allows you to achieve a comfortable, balanced and ultimately stylish look. The complete package in many ways and ideal for pretty much any occasion.
fredrik risvik black t-shirt and chinos mens street style

Wide Leg

Ideal for the built gentleman, the wide leg option will create a more natural body balance between the torso and the leg. Another great thing about the wide leg is the possibility for modification.

Cuffing the bottom will not only work wonders on those hot summer nights, but also let everyone know you are one fashion conscious guy. Try to avoid wide leg chinos if you have short legs as it can create the illusion of being even shorter.
Wide legged chinos are definitely a style that is here to stay

Now that you have decided on the ideal pair, its time to choose the rest of your outfit. Whilst the number of colours on offer can give you a lot of options, it can also lead to some fashion faux pas. So to prevent this from happening here are a few tips on styling your chinos.
White T-shirt

One fashion motto is, “when in doubt, get the white t-shirt out.” For all of you guys out there unsure about coloured Chinos, why not try a white t-shirt. The brightness offered by the white will increase the depth of a darker shaded pair and really look slick.

For those feeling a tad more adventurous why not add a white t-shirt with horizontal navy lines for that classic sailor look. On that front you could also team your white t-shirt with another coloured t-shirt on top if you feel like injecting a bit more colour. Alternatively for those chillier autumn afternoons a long sleeved t-shirt works just as well.


Denim and chino are like chocolate and strawberries; good apart, but even better together. A personal favourite of mine, denim when combined with chino offers the perfect contrast in material. The tougher denim when placed against the softer chino stands out and adds an extra degree of texture to any outfit.

Best of all, you can rock this look safe in the knowledge that you haven’t committed one of the cardinal sins of fashion, double denim! Pairing the two with a lightly coloured boot will give any man a rugged sophisticated look.

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