Welcome to Ignite Wardrobe Loyalty Program. Ignite Wardrobe wants to reward you for your generosity and business with us.
Our loyalty program allows you to earn reward points, discounts, gift vouchers, free delivery, and some surprises along the way.
We reward you for signing up with us, referring your friends and family members to get on board with us, getting referred by someone, and much more

Membership Levels

You will earn points on your purchase and the number of points earned will depend on your membership level for the same amount of spending

Points for every Rs. 100 spend

3 6 9 12

Points for signing up by a referral link

30 60 90 120

Points for referring to someone

30 60 90 120

Points for providing a legitimate product review

30 60 90 120

Points for using PayFast payment gateway

30 60 90 120

Redeem For Perks

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You’ll earn 100 points for signing up

Sign Up4


Signing up by a referred link will give you 30 points + 100 Points for signing up

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1 POINT = 1 RS.

1 point is equal to Rs. 1

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Free Deliveries on SPARK & IGNITE membership level

Rules of Promotion and demotion

    • You’ll start as Basic member, and then to advance to next member level, you’ll have to do a certain amount of spending
    • The moment you spend the specified limit for a particular membership, you’ll be immediately promoted to that membership level
    • To maintain your membership level, you’ll have to spend within the limit to stay on that member level for 6 months
    • If you spend Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 6,999, you’ll be promoted to Advance member level for the next 6 months
    • If you spend Rs. 7,000 – Rs. 8,999, you’ll be promoted to Spark member level for the next 6 months regardless of which lower membership level you are currently on i.e. Basic or Advance
    • If you spend above Rs. 9,000, you’ll be promoted to Ignite member level for the next 6 months regardless of which lower membership level you are currently on i.e. Basic or Advance or Spark

    • If the mentioned limit for a membership level is not maintained for 6 months, you’ll be demoted to a lower membership level according to your spending in the period of past 6 months
    • Suppose you’re a Partner member and your spending in the past 6 months is below Rs. 9,000, you’ll be demoted to the membership level according to the spending you’ve done. For instance, being a Partner member, you spend Rs. 3,127 in the past 6 months. This spending of Rs. 3,127 lies in the spending limit of Rs.0 – Rs. 4,999 that is of Friend membership level, so you’ll be demoted to Friend member. Similarly, being a Partner member if you spend Rs. 7,500 in the past 6 months then you’ll be demoted to Family membership level as Rs. 7,500 lies in the limit of Rs. 7,000 – Rs. 8,999
    • Similar rules will be applied for demotion from other membership levels to lower membership levels


You will earn points on your purchase. Whatever price you pay, i.e. you’ll earn points for the cart total after applying all discounts, or coupons, or points redeemed. In short, you’ll earn points for every penny you pay.

On the “My Rewards” page, you’ll find a button to generate a referral link. Click on the button to obtain the desired link. You can share that link on Social media and with your friends.

Try to spend more and get to higher level members to earn more rewards on the same amount of spending.

On the cart page, you’ll see an input field right below your cart where you can enter the number of reward points you want to redeem in the current order. Enter the number of points and click on apply reward points button. After clicking, you can see your total bill will be discounted according to the number of points you redeemed.

Refer to Terms and Conditions of Ignite Loyalty Program to get an insight on how to get promoted.


Yes, you can get demoted from a higher level of membership to a lower level if you do not maintain the standards of spending for a certain membership level. Please refer to Terms and Conditions of Ignite Loyalty Program to see the conditions for demotion.

Yes, if you do not use your points in 2 months they’ll get expired.

We apologize for that, please email us at [email protected] we’ll get back to you real soon. ????

Terms and conditions

  • There are 4 levels of members i.e Basic, Advance, Spark, and Ignite
  • Points will be earned, based on the membership status, on the total cash you’re paying for a single order.
  • For example, if the product you buy costs Rs. 500 and the delivery charges are Rs. 150, then your total bill will be Rs. 650, so you will earn points on Rs. 650.
  • If you redeem your points or get a discount through a voucher, then you’ll earn points on the discounted bill.
  • For example, if your total bill is Rs. 650 and you get a discount of Rs. 100 or redeem 100 points then your total bill will be Rs. 550. Hence, the points you’ll earn will be on Rs. 550.
  • You can only redeem reward points only if you have 100 reward points in your account
  • You can only redeem reward points on orders above Rs. 1,000
  • Referral link will expire in 1 week if not used
  • Points if not used will expire in 2 months
  • For redeeming the reward points for the first time you must have at least earned 200 points
  • You can only give one review per product if and only if you’ve purchased the product, users who haven’t purchased the product cannot provide a review for it
  • You can always redeem points in the next order and not in the order in which you are earning the points
  • You can earn limitless points by referring your friends to sign up, and of course by purchasing products
  • If the order is returned or not fulfilled due to an issue, you’ll get your points back after the issue is resolved
  • Ignite Wardrobe secures all the privileges and authority to not award points, deduct points, not return points for a returned order, remove someone from the loyalty program, and/or award points on its discretion