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Camel Printed Trouser  699

Men’s Camel Cotton Trousers

Olive Regular Fit Cargo Trousers  699

Men’s Olive Cargo Trousers

Trouser for Men

You can say that in the world of fashion, trousers are a tricky beast. They have been given different names over the years and have gone through various design changes. Furthermore, finding a pair of trousers that fit perfectly is easier said than done.

A perfect pair of trousers is one which compliments the person’s body. It should be widest at the waist and taper all the way to ankles. There should no excess fabric hanging loose.

At the same time, the trousers also need to be loose enough so that they don’t restrict the person’s movement. They should especially never wrinkle or bunch around the person’s thighs because that’s a sign that they are too tight.

We would also suggest that you understand the difference between dress trousers and casual jeans. The main difference between the two is that the fall (distance from waist to crotch) of trousers is longer. This is why trouser are worn higher on the body. Trousers should never slide off the body even if you are not wearing a belt.

Trousers are often tailored to be worn with suspenders instead of belts. In these cases, the fall is longer and the fitting is also slightly looser. The pants are actually hanging on to the person’s body and give a smooth and flat appearance. This is primarily the reason several designers prefer to opt for suspenders instead of belts.

Role of Trousers in Fashion

Although trousers are not exactly a defining characteristic of a person’s outfit, they are an integral part of your overall wardrobe. The role of trousers is to help the wearer maintain a sleek profile at all times. It doesn’t matter if they are moving around or standing still. Trousers should always make you look good.

Apart from that trousers are also where men keep essential items like keys, wallets and cell phones. Good trousers should have pockets of proper size and shape. This allows you to carry around items like keys and wallets etc. with ease.

Pleated Vs Plain-Front Pants

This is one subject on which designers cannot seem to agree. Pleats are small folds in garments and they are permanently fixed in a place. In trousers, pleats appear as vertical lines which run from waistband to the midsection.

Pleats add flexibility to the front of the trousers and expand slightly every time the person sits or stretches. This way the garment maintains a smooth appearance without tightening or wrinkling.

Usually trousers consist of a single fold on either side however, there are trousers which consist of double pleats on either side as well. These increase the flexibility of the garment. Plain-front trousers in contrast are narrower and sleeker. However, they might not necessarily be considered as comfortable as pleated trousers.

Ignite Wardrobe offers an extensive collection of pleated as well as plain-front trousers. All of these are stylish as well as comfortable. Furthermore, all of these items are available on our stores at affordable prices.