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Online Shopping for Women

Ignite is a leading women clothing brand that has high a vision and mission statement. It has the vision of catering to large masses and becoming the best fashion clothing brand in Pakistan. It specializes in clothing for both the genders and even for kids.
Ignite provides online clothing and has a large variety of every type and style of clothing for you to choose from, that is in line with the ongoing fashion trends. Ignite provides you with a huge variety of clothing that is quality assured and always available and ready to be delivered to you.
The wardrobe specializes for women clothing online and Ignite’s wardrobe for ladies contains clothing that is full of Female Fashion that includes various celebrity styles, international high street trends and runway fashion.
The wardrobe acts as women clothing store and is full of different styles and types of clothing for everyone, especially the female garment sector is very diverse and you can find everything in Ignites wardrobe in style and has the latest fashion trendy clothes for both ladies and young girls.
Different Dress Types and Styles
Women’s clothing in Pakistan has never been this easier. Ignite provides almost every kind of style of clothing for the female sector. This is a list of clothing types that Ignite provides in the ladies clothing sector;
Tops for ladies are that type of clothing which cover the upper body between the waistline and the neck and are usually paired with jeans, skirts or pants.
A Poncho is a piece of woolen cloth that is worn like a shawl to cover the body and arms but with a slit in the middle of the cloth for the head. It is usually worn to stay warm as it is thick in material and also worn to stay covered.
A shrug is cardigan type of garment which is typically knitted consisting of sleeves that may be short or long. It is used for as an outermost layer of outfit over a dress or shirt as it covers the portion of the upper body.
Sweat shirt
A sweatshirt is usually made up of thick cotton jersey and is iced interchangeably with a sweater, but gives off a more of a casual sense of dressing. The name is derived from sweaters as it almost addresses the same purpose but in a different style and look. The material used for a sweatshirt could be cotton or polyester, lined with fleece sometimes.
Dresses usually consist of a skirt with an attaching bodice hence giving the look of a one-piece clothing or garment. Dresses can be both formal and casual depending on style and look.
Pants or trousers are lower body clothing worn down from the waist to the ankles and hence covering the legs. There are many styles of pants to choose from with different styles and colors.
Jeans are also similar to pants but they are typically made from dungaree cloth, known as Denim.
Skirts cover the upper part of the lower body of women from the waist to the knees or below.
Capri pants
Capri pants have different names such as three quarters, capris or crop pants. They are longer than shorts but smaller than pants or trousers.
Hot pants
Hot pants are very short length shorts and made in luxury fabrics usually and may be used for leisure or sports.

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