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Casual Embroidered Royal Blue Pant  599

Women’s Basic Royal Blue Stretch Pants

Casual Embroidered White Pant  599

Women’s Embrodiered White Stretch Pants

Classic Beige Boot Cut Pant  499

Women’s Beige Boot-cut Stretch Pants

Classic White Boot Cut Pant  499

Women’s frayed hem boot cut stretch pant.

Maroon Premium Stretch Pants  599

Women’s Maroon Premium Stretch Pants

Olive Premium Stretch Pants  599

Women’s Olive Premium Stretch Pants

Premium Stretch Pants  599

Comfortable & Stretchable Cotton Pants for Casual & Formal Wear. Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex. Fit: Slim-Fit

Pants for Girls

Finding the right kind of pants is easier said than done. There are so many factors that you need to take into account. For example, you need to make sure that the pants exaggerate your height and make you look good.

With Ignite Wardrobe, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of these issues. We have an extensive collection of pants for girls on our website. All of our products are trendy and offered at affordable prices. The different types of pants that Ignite Wardrobe offers include:

1.    Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are great for shorter girls because they sit on waist and extend beyond your feet. This makes you look taller. You can also compliment these pants with heels.

2.    Tapered Pants

Tapered pants are looser around the thighs and taper off at the ankles. If you were to ask use for advice regarding tapered pants, we would suggest that you choose the one which cuts slightly above the ankle. Add high-heeled sandals to the mix and you’re good to go.

3.    Cropped Pants

Cropped pants cut off right below the knees. If you’re planning to buy these, make sure that you pick the ones which complement your height. Check if they cut off at the calves of several inches below the ankles.

4.    Skinny Trousers

Skinny pants are not as popular as they were a couple of years back but we would suggest that you don’t underestimate them. They are perfect if you are looking for something sleek and streamlined. Visit our website for further details regarding fashion pants for girls at Ignite Wardrobe.

Jeans Pants for Girls

We all have at least one pair of jeans that we absolutely love. After all, jeans are one of the most popular clothing items. However, that one pair of jeans is not going to last forever. Eventually you will have to replace it and here are some tips for choosing the right kind of jeans:

1.    Color and Cut

Looking for jeans that is flattering for all kinds of body types? We suggest you give boot cut jeans a chance. These are fitted through your thighs, with a tighter knee and flare at the bottom.

2.    Get Jeans with Stretch Fabric

Jeans are made of different kinds of fabrics but we would suggest that you always opt for ones which are made of stretch fabric like elastane and spandex. These condense your thighs and compliment your body.

When it comes to purchasing jeans for girls, Ignite Wardrobe is the best option. We offer an extensive collection of jeans. We understand that people have different preferences and do everything we can to meet their requirements. Visit us now to take a look at our of skinny, boot cut and ripped jeans for girls.

Chino Pants for Girls

Looking for something that is casual as well as stylish. Ignite Wardrobe’s got you covered in that regard. Visit us now and browse through our collection of chinos for girls.

Casual Pants for Girls

Looking for a place that offers perfect casual pants for girls? Well then look no further. Ignite Wardrobe has got you covered. The pants we offer are available in different fits. It doesn’t matter whether you are home, running to class or going to movies, our casual pants are perfect for all occasions. Just add a pair of ankle boots and a graphic tee and you are good to go.